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GSE19550: Genome-wide mapping of RNA Pol II binding site (GM12878)

Identifiers: SRA: SRP001595
GEO: GSE19550
Study Type: 
Abstract: .
Description: Summary: We report the results of chromatin immunoprecipitation following by high-thoughput sequencing (ChIP-Seq) using the GA II platform from Illumina for the human RNA Polymerase II in GM12878 cells. We have also generated a sequenced input DNA datasets for GM12878 cells. For data usage terms and conditions, please refer to and Overall Design: Map binding sites of RNA Polymerase II in the genome of GM12878 cells. The GM12878 input data has been deposited in GEO as GSM487430.
Center Project: GSE19550: Genome-wide mapping of RNA Pol II binding site (GM12878)

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