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Mouse Breast Cancer

Identifiers: SRA: ERP000258
BioProject: PRJEB2203
SC: Mouse Breast Cancer-sc-2010-07-05
Study Type: 
Cancer Genomics
Abstract: The majority of human cancer genes identified to date are somatically rearranged in the small minority of human cancers comprising leukemias, lymphomas and soft tissue tumors. However, conventional strategies for characterizing rearrangements are laborious, low-throughput and have low sensitivity/resolution, thus the role of genomic rearrangement in human Breast cancer is unknown. The use of genetically engineered mice as a model to study human tumoral processes has resulted very useful in the last 25 years, offering the opportunity of model and control the individual contributions of genes or pathways to cancer development. We aim to use massively parallel paired end sequencing to explore the diversity of aberrant processes sculpting breast cancer genomes in mice and to identify novel rearranged cancer genes and gene fusions that may be future therapeutic targets to treat human cancer.
Description: Genomic libraries (500bps) will be generated from total genomic DNA derived from 8 mouse Breast tumor samples and subjected to a total of five lanes of 37 bp paired end sequencing on the Ilumina GA per sample. Paired reads will be mapped to build 37 of the mouse reference genome to facilitate the generation of genome wide copy number information, and the identification of novel cancer genes and gene fusions.

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