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Conventional culture methods with commercially available media unveil the presence of novel culturable bacteria; Whole genome sequencing of novel bacterial isolates

Identifiers: SRA: DRP004255
BioProject: PRJDB6815
NIID: DRP004255
Study Type: 
Abstract: Recent metagenomic analysis has revealed that our gut microbiota plays an important role in not only the maintenance of our health but also various diseases. However, most intestinal bacteria are considered unculturable bacteria, and their functions remain unknown. To date, various culturing methods have been attempted to obtain these unculturable bacteria, but most such methods require advanced techniques. Here, we have tried to isolate possible unculturable bacteria from a healthy Japanese individual by using commercially available media. A 16S metagenomic analysis revealed that each culture medium showed bacterial growth depending on its selective features and a possibility of the presence of novel bacterial species. Whole genome sequencing of these candidate strains suggested the isolation of 8 novel bacterial species classified in the Actinobacteria and Firmicutes phyla. As a result, we have obtained novel gut bacteria from a healthy Japanese individual using a combination of comprehensive genomics and conventional culturing methods. Our approach indicates that a number of intestinal bacteria hitherto considered unculturable are potentially culturable and can be cultured on commercially available media.

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