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Analysis of gene expression profiles of 48 ABC transporters in normal colon and colon cancer tissues

Identifiers: SRA: DRP003828
BioProject: PRJDB4239
Study Type: 
Abstract: Description We aim to identify the expression levels of 48 ABC transporters comprehensively in normal colon and colon cancer tissues and compared expression profiles between those for elucidating mechanisms which regulate the expression of ABC transporters related anticancer drugs resistance. We sampled tumor tissues and corresponding normal tissues from 3 colon cancer patients who were underwent surgical resection of primary tumor without neoadjuvant chemotherapy in Tohoku University Hospital. Patient 1 is a 69 years old male had UICC stage IIIB ascending colon cancer. Patient 2 is a 61 year old male had UICC stage IIA ascending colon cancer. Patient 3 is a 56 year old female had UICC stage I sigmoid colon cancer. The expression levels of five colon cancer cell lines (COLO205, HCT116, HCT15, HT29, and SW620) registered in NCI60 were also analyzed.

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