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Oral bacterial 16S rRNA-V4 sequencing of four Japanese adults in multiple conditions of sample storage

Identifiers: SRA: DRP003793
BioProject: PRJDB4202
Study Type: 
Abstract: The project contains bacterial partial 16S rRNA sequencing data of 66 supragingival plaque samples of upper molar teeth. Samples were taken from four adult Japanese males on September 7, 2013. Partial bacterial 16S rRNA V4 region (typically 259 base pairs) was amplified and sequenced based on the Illumina MiSeq paired-end read sequencing protocol. Maximum 96 combinations of dual-index tags (Illumina D-series) were used. All relevant research protocols and procedures were approved by Ethics Committee of Tohoku University School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan. All subjects provided written informed consent.

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