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Massive transcriptional start site mapping of human fetal kidney cells.

Identifiers: SRA: DRP000025
BioProject: PRJDA34559
UT-MGS: DRP000025
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Comprehensive identification and characterization of the transcriptional start sites of human genes were carried out. For this purpose, we used our TSS-Seq method, in which next gene sequencing technology and our full-length cDNA library technology, oligo-capping were combined.
Description: Although recent studies have revealed that the majority of human genes are subjected to regulation of alternative promoters (APs), the biological relevance of this phenomenon remains unclear. To enable more comprehensive TSS analysis in the respective cell types, we recently developed a method, combining oligo-capping with the massively paralleled sequencing technology, Illumina GA. In this method, which we named TSS Seq, sequence adaptor which is necessary for Illumina GA sequencing is directly introduced to the cap site of the mRNA. By sequencing 36-48 sequence immediately downstream of the TSSs (TSS tags), it is possible to obtain precise positional information of transcriptional start sites (TSSs). In this paper, we used the TSS tag data accumulated from twelve different cell types and normal tissues in humans for the identification and characterization of the APs in human genes.
Center Project: Integrateve Transcriptome Analysis
External Link: DBTSS

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