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Comprehensive identification and characterization of the binding sites of polymerase II

Identifiers: SRA: DRP000008
BioProject: PRJDA34559
UT-MGS: DRP000008
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Comprehensive identification and characterization of the binding sites of polymerase II in mammalian genes were attempted. We used ChIP-Seq method, in which next gene sequencing technology and chromatin-immunoprecipitation assay were combined.
Description: Although recent studies have revealed that the majority of human genes are subjected to regulation of alternative promoters (APs), the biological relevance of this phenomenon remains unclear. In order to understand biological significance of the presence of divergent transcription initiation events in the respective cell types, it is indispensable to obtain bird-view of the transcriptome figures at every step of the gene expression; namely, i) how the genomic structure change to transcriptionally active form, ii) where the transcription initiation complex is recruited, iii) to what extent the transcription is activated, iv) what transcripts formed and sorted to what subcellular fractions. We have recently started multi-faceted use of the Illumina GA to answer these questions. Integrative analysis produced for respective aspects of the gene expression regulations revealed the comprehensive figures of the complex human gene transcriptome for the first time.
Center Project: Integrative Transcriptome Analysis
External Link: /pubmed:20400770

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