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Configuring the Toolkit

If you are using SRA Toolkit version 2.4 or higher, you should run the configuration tool, located within the bin subdirectory of the Toolkit package.

Go to the "bin" subdirectory for the Toolkit and run the following command:

./vdb-config -i

This tool will setup your download/cache area for downloaded files and references.

A window will open and present the screen below.

The settings displayed here have the default values. Of primary importance is the Workspace Location, which by default is in the ncbi directory within your home directory.

If you have enabled remote access (enabled by default), the toolkit will contact NCBI on demand over HTTP to retrieve the files it needs to complete your commands.

In order for your commands to complete successfully, the toolkit needs sufficient free space. Genomics datasets are quite large; you may need 100's of GB of free space. This is the primary concern when choosing the Workspace Location. Do you have enough free space there for what you intend to do?

If you need to change the Workspace Location, use the tab key to move the cursor (shown red here) to the change button and press space or enter.

This will bring up the file navigation dialog (see below).

if you already know the path to the directory, you may use the Goto button to directly enter that path. Once you have entered or navigated to the correct directory, press tab to get to the OK button to return to the previous screen.

Once you are happy with the settings, use the tab key to get to the Save button and press enter or space.

Press enter or space one more time, then tab to the Exit button and press enter or space. You will then be returned to your shell command prompt.